Without unnecessary details, we do only what you need and what you will definitely be able to use effectively in the coming years to develop your brand.
BrandingIt is the foundation of your company. A brand is created based on the values and mission of your company, an analysis of your target audience, an analysis of your competitors. It is when you create a brand that you decide what emotions and feelings your clients will experience when they interact with your company and its product. Every element and every detail is very important, because people consume information first of all visually.
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DesignThere is no getting around the fact that today's online presence is extremely important. By creating a company website, you give the customer the opportunity to always have access to information about your product. Therefore, your website decides what the online experience of the customer's interaction with you will be. Web design focuses on aesthetic beauty (taking your branding as a base) and usability (your customers should feel comfortable using it and be able to quickly find the information they need). Web design includes a briefing, drawing up terms of reference, development of a schematic prototype, the creation of site design.
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DevelopmentThe next stage is the programming of your site, based on the web design. This includes selecting the platform on which the site will be created, programming, transferring the site to the client's server, testing.
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